Friday, November 3, 2017

Clinical Depression? here is the way out

 This blog is specially designed for all those who are suffering from clinical depressions and are on medication . All those who feel hope less and even suicidal, please hold on .
Talk here on this blog. Take help ,Take medicine and ...and....

Apply various techniques, mentioned in the book - A GIFTED TOY-

The book basically says that, your depression is ,in fact , a gift from the God.
Say thank you God and move on

Wishing you speedy recovery

Amit Dave

Friday, May 12, 2017

overcome Depression- Kaizen Way

  I have first hand experience of clinical depression.,in  the tear 1995-96, and on medication for quite some time. I know ,very well ,how it feels and how people do not understand the feelings.
 After overcoming depression , I rose to height post in my organization.
 Now , after my retirement , I would like to help people to come out of it.
 I stay in Mumbai , India. I would love to take free workshops for patients and their family members, any time.
 please feel free to contact me on this blog or my mail

The techniques ,are mentioned in my book -A GIFTED TOY- which basically says that ,treat your depression as a gift from God
 Kaizen techniques is a slow but certain way of progress

wish you speedy recovery

Love you all

Amit Dave

Monday, April 3, 2017

How to overcome Depression

Depression is one of the major problem nowadays.It affects school children,officers,executives or housewives alike.
 A free workshop on how to accept,work and overcome depression is arranged by Shri Amit Dave on 22nd April 2017, between 5pm to 9 pm at Room no 102,All India Institute of Local Self Government, Juhu Gully, Andheri West.,Mumbai.
  Mr Amit Dave is a Rtd Deputy Chief Engineer from BMC,who has first hand experience of major Depression in the year 1994-95. He not only managed to overcome it but reached to one of the highest administrative position ie Assistant Commissioner M/East ward (Chembur,Govandi)
 He will guide the participants on various techniques and methods which work hand in hand with prescribed medication and patient feel better.
 All those who would like to lead a normal and blissful life,despite their depression are requested to attend the workshop.
Pl book at e mail

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A workshop on coping with Depression in Mumbai

Hi friends
 For all those struggling with depression ,here is the way out.
 A Free workshop is arranged by one of the ex patient,on how to convert your depression in to a gift from God.
Date..22nd April 2017
Time ..5 to 9 pm
Venue..Room no 102
All India Institute of Local Self Government
Juhu Gully
Andheri West
Fees....Nil,only come with a note book and Pen

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Here is the way out for the patients of Depression

  Here is the way out for the patients of depression.The book -A GIFTED TOY - is the out come of my own struggle ,coping with depression. It gives lots of practical tips to come out with flying colours.
  The idea is to handle it in four steps
1) Aware ...of the problem
2) as a gift from God and take medicine/help
3)Fight back...use various techniques given in the book- A GIFTED TOY-
4) Enjoy freedom ...and help others

 The book is self published on no profit no loss basis...Rs 100/ only

 May you succeed in the struggle

Amit Dave

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Overcoming (coming out of) major depression

 Here is the steady and sure way to cope with major depression and to overcome the same.
 please read the blog completely .
 If you wish the book is published named " A Gifted Toy" and  e published by
 Wish you sure and speedy recovery
Amit Dave

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A GIFTED TOY...(tame the monster within)

  Here is a short poem which I have composed and which is base (title poem) of the book.
 It describes feeling of a man, who finds himself ,suddenly,trapped under heavy feelings and mood swings
 It ultimately says, if you can treat your negative feelings and mood swings as a friend ,it will become easier for you to cope with them quickly.

       A GIFTED –TOY (tame the monster inside you)
I was rushing down the road.
Singing, jumping all along in joyous mood.
On a sharp corner, fogy day and far way.
I bumped into a monster blocking my way.
I was knocked down, bleeding on the road side,
The monster was laughing loud and wide,
I lay there for days unknown,
Woke up to see the rainy afternoon.
There were rains, lightning and thunder storm,
I had to lie there, why I don’t know,

Rain stopped and rainbow sighted
Birds seen flying, singing and delighted,
There was joy in all woods around
But I was scared, looking the monster around.
Few boys came around I did not say any thing but,
They lifted me up and took me to a hut.

I met my GURUJI, whom I know as my mentor
He gave me food, medicine and shelter,
He taught me the ways and means for
How to live happily once again
“Still I am scared GURUJI,” once I screamed
“I always see monster in my dream”
“Why do you think” said Guruji “Monster blocking you”
“It is now only inside you and you only are blocking you”
“Learn the ways and art of life”
Take the inner monster in your stride”
“Make it your best friend, O my boy”
It is a blessing in disguise and A GIFTED TOY.